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***To access Tk20, use the same login credentials you use for Office 365 webmail (i.e., jsmith, john.smith)***

For systems questions such as issues logging in, accessing assignments,submitting course assignments and students missing from course rosters, contact the CSC Tk20 administrator: Joy Omelanuk attk20admin@csc.eduor (308)432-6059/Toll FREE1-800-242-3766 Ext. 6059or Crites Hall, Room 347.

For additional assistance with login (password issues), please contact the CSC Information Technology Helpdesk at (308)432-6311. You may also dial toll-free, (800)242-3766, and ask for Information Technology.

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What is Tk20?

To ensure that Chadron State College graduates are prepared to work in their chosen professions, as well as to satisfy all assessment-related requirements of accrediting and approval bodies for quality programs, CSC conducts systematic assessment of candidates, programs, and operations.
Assessment requirements to maintain state approvals and national accreditation are very specific, quite extensive, and complex. Each department has developed an assessment plan to meet these requirements. Several tools are used by CSC to manage assessment plans including Tk20, a system that allows students to submit a variety of assessments (course embedded assignments, field experience evaluations, program specific observations, portfolios, etc.) that are used to measure student performance. These assessments are then connected to other student performance data such as scores on entrance and certification tests taken outside the College and grades in courses. Programs then use these multiple sources of data to examine and improve courses and make curricular and procedural revisions that are needed to improve student learning. (Adapted from University of West Georgia Tk20 Information and Associate Dean of Research & Assessment, Dr. Debra Cobia)

For questions regarding this system, please contact your system administrator:

Administrator: Joy Omelanuk
Phone: (308) 432-6059